Sample/Demonstration Source Code

These files are VB.Net source code to sample/demo projects that are designed to be used as a teaching tool. They may not be complete and useable applications. Generally there is an accompanying article that goes with each project.

Item Last Update Description 23 May 05 How to use parameterized queries with ADO.Net 15 Aug 04 Demonstration of ADO.Net database fundamentals. Commented from the perspective of a VB6 programmer. 23 Apr 05 Change the owner of a file to an arbitrary user 18 Apr 05 Check whether a specified user has read/write permission against all files in a directory 5 May 08 DataGridView demo with custom MaskedEdit column type 28 Feb 07 Demonstrate Delegate and the AddressOf operation with API calls. 28 May 08 Demonstration of a simple string encryption/decryption technique 6 Sep 08 Microsoft's internal Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database sample 21 May 05 Demonstration of using ADO.Net expressions in a DataTable 8 Mar 08 Use the .Net FileSystemWatcher class to keep track of changes to a directory 23 Apr 05 Return the name of the owner of a file 18 Apr 05 Demonstration on how to perform SQL-style database joins of two detached ADO.Net Databases 18 Aug 05 Use ADO.Net DataRelations to get related rows 14 Jun 04 Change the read/write permissions on a file 4 Sep 05 Run SQL Select command against a set of detached DataTables 17 May 07 How to get the serial number from a USB flash disk 14 Sep 04 Demonstration of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)