Admin Tools Source Code

This is a collection of tools that we use to automate some of the system administrator duties. Unlike the projects in the Sample/Demo section, these files are typically VB.Net source code to complete and useable applications, they are not just technical demonstration projects.

Account Tools

These tools are designed to provide a reporting and archiving system to deal with user accounts. Active Directory doesn't provide any real reporting capabilities.

The archiving tools are designed to run as scheduled tasks, while the others provide administrators with reports and alerts.

Item Last Update Description 24 Jul 09 Get a graphical view of all Accounts that are members of a security group (to include nested groups) 24 Jul 09 Create a database (an archive) of all local accounts on the servers on the LAN. Useful for auditing privileged access 24 Jul 09 Sends email alerts to a list of Administrators when a user account gets locked out. Is designed to run periodically as a scheduled task. 24 Jul 09 Creates a database (an archive) of all accounts in an Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU)

Administrator Tools

A collection of tools for administrators... includes tools for remote administration, machine migration, asset inventory, auditing, and archiving.

Most require elevated privileges.

Item Last Update Description
10 Jun 09 A series of utilities for remotely administering PCs on a LAN. They all have multi-threaded engines to speed up the processing of remote PCs
  • BulkCopy - copy a file to a group of PCs
  • FixPCs - perform a "one-off" fix
  • RemotePatch - perform a remote install 24 Jul 09 A command-line utility to "prime the pump" by creating a list of "Event Sources" in the event log. Ordinary users can't create an event where the Event Source hasn't already been created.
24 Jul 09 SwapUNC is a command-line utility to edit users shortcuts when a server or share is renamed.

Froggyis a utility to let users know that a network application has moved, and allows them to recreate the shortcut.
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5 Jul 09 Son of Snoop on Steroids (SOSOS) is a computer hardware and software inventory program. It gathers over 220 pieces of information about computers and optionally stores this information in a database. It can be run locally or can be used by an administrator to scan a network.

It gathers hardware information such as CPU, memory, hard drives, and serial numbers; software information such as operating system, installed software, and software components; configuration information such as IP address, running processes, desktop settings, and services; and security-related information such as shared resources, modems, account policies, security patches, and virus activity.
5 Jul 09 These are the related applications that we use in conjunction with SOSOS.
  • AlertSOSOS Immediately notifies a list of staff members by instant message and email when conditions such as new virus activity or new disk shares are detected
  • BackupSOSOS Archives SQL data into Microsoft Access files
  • ErrorLogSOSOS Converts the text-based SOSOS Error Log File into a database
  • MBSA_Logs Put Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer logs into a database
  • MgmtConsoleSOSOS A GUI-based management console for SOSOS data
  • Probe A cut-down version of SOSOS to allow for fast prototyping and one-time polling of data
  • ProcessSearch Searches the SOSOS database against a list of several hundred known spyware, adware, and Peer to Peer applications
  • SoftwareSearch Similar to ProcessSearch, but searches Installed Software
13 Sep 05 WhoIsLoggedOn gets a list of users that are currently logged on to PCs on the LAN.

gets a list of PCs that are currently connected.

NetList records information about the PCs on the LAN into a database
31 Jan 06 ScheduledReboot will allow you to create a schedule of "rolling reboots" on a list of PCs on your network. Useful when you want servers to come up in a particular order, or schedule reboots 5 minutes apart, etc.

Logoff will allow an administrator to remotely Logoff, Shutdown, or Reboot a PC on the LAN.
26 Mar 05 FS_Dump program is designed to copy a directory structure into a Microsoft Access database file. It is helpful in doing queries on file types, sizes, and ownerships.

List_ACLs program is similar, but it records the Permissions associated with each file or directory.

CopyFail and PathTooDeep are diagnostic programs for finding errors in a server's file system 23 May 05 Make a system (bootable) disk. It is designed to operate similarly to the SYS.COM command from DOS. However, unlike the DOS counterpart, this version will allow you to choose the operating system to place on the diskette.
24 Jul 09 Tattoo create a "tattoo" (or branding) of the WinXP login background image to display useful info about the PC

Wallpaper creates a watermark on the current user's desktop wallpaper that provides useful info about the user and PC.

Backup Tools

The following are tools to create backup or archive copies of import users files (like from managers PCs) and to create off-site archives of SQL databases.

These tools are designed to run as scheduled tasks so they report their completion via the event logs and have no user interface.

Item Last Update Description 24 Jul 09 Maintain a publicly writable shared folder by periodically copying (and eventually deleting) old files.
24 Jul 09 Backup user files from a list of remote PCs/Accounts into zip files. Automatically manages storage space by removing older backups. 24 Jul 09 Create a snapshot of a SQL Server database into a Microsoft Access MDB file. Useful for archival purposes.

Command-Line tools

The following are a set of Command-Line tools that are designed to run in a batch file (like the Login Batch file). They are typically written in C++ instead of one of the .Net languages just to keep the size down and to remove any install-based dependencies.

They are designed to run under the credentials of the current user and have no user interface.

Item Last Update Description 24 Jul 09 Disables the Close button (and close menu item) to prevent a user from exiting the batch file 24 Jul 09 Displays the amount of time the PC has been idle. Only useful when run remotely 24 Jul 09 Test if the current user is in the local administrators group 24 Jul 09 Test if the current PC is in the given Organizational Unit (OU) 24 Jul 09 Test if one file's modification date is newer than another 24 Jul 09 Test if the current PC is "one of ours". Requires a strict PC naming convention 24 Jul 09 Test if the current connection is via Remote Access (RAS) 24 Jul 09 Test if the current connection is via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 24 Jul 09 Test if one file has the same modification date as another 24 Jul 09 Minimizes the Command Window 24 Jul 09 Displays the current Date/Time stamp 24 Jul 09 Sleep for the given number of seconds 24 Jul 09 Wait the given number of seconds

Developer Tools

These tools are designed to help developers using Visual Studio

Item Last Update Description 25 Jan 11 Replacement for the IIS MSWC.PermissionChecker component for x64
19 Mar 08 A utility to convert "project files" between Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. Available as VB.Net and C# (the file) 11 May 07 A utility to view hierarchy of USB devices on your system.
SetupWRPN.msi 6 Jun 21 WRPN is a public domain calculator for Microsoft Windows that is modeled after the Hewlett-Packard HP-16c "Computer Scientist". This is not a Hewlett-Packard product.

WRPN uses Reverse Polish Notation, which uses the ENTER key instead of the "=" (equals) key.

In addition to all the functions you'd expect from an ordinary calculator, WRPN also has many features specifically designed for the computer professional.

Scheduled Task Tools

The following set of utilities are designed to run as scheduled tasks to periodically gather information, maintain directories by trimming old entries, and alerting administrators when tasks fail

The typically require local Administrator privileges to run. Since they are designed to run as scheduled task, they record their activity to the event log and have no user interface.

Item Last Update Description 24 Jul 09 Designed to run on servers to create an archive record of every file, their NTFS permissions, and the Accounts that are present. Records to a SQL Server database. Useful in a disaster recovery where you need to recreate a server from scratch. Provides a means to audit file use by types, sizes, ownership, etc. 24 Jul 09 Record the PCs that are present on the LAN into a database.
31 Jan 06 LogoffAll_ST, RebootAll_ST, ShutdownAll_ST are programs designed to operate as scheduled tasks and will either logoff, reboot, or shutdown remote PCs in a network. There are provisions for an "exception list" and logging of results. 24 Jul 09 Sends an email to a list of Administrators if any scheduled task fails on any server. Also includes SQL Server tasks.